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Westcoast IT Services provides efficient, user-friendly IT solutions that allow you to streamline your business and make more profits. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how business works. You want your company to keep running at its most optimal level. That’s why, when you partner with us, we assess your current use of technology and suggest ways for improvement - so you can get the most out of your technology investment.

And that’s not all. Once your technology is in place, we can train your staff and help you maintain a secure and efficient work environment. This ensures you always have the fastest, most reliable network, up and accessible to your staff at all times.

What size is your business?



Small business

With a staff of 5-10 employees, you may be unsure as to how technology can help grow your business. Westcoast IT Services’s experienced consultants and staff can offer suggestions and provide you with the technology you need to take your company to the next level.



Small to medium business

Now that you have 10-30 employees you are starting to gain traction - expanding your customer base, growing your staff, and implementing new technology. Westcoast IT Services can give you the guidance you need to plan your infrastructure at this delicate stage of growth.



Medium business

With 30+ employees, you’re looking to grow your business. However, technology may be getting in the way and causing you to lose focus. Westcoast IT Services can provide you with efficient IT solutions that boost productivity and keep you growing.

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Managed Services

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Cloud Services

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Here’s 4 ways we do IT better than other providers

  • Process Driven Support - to relieve your IT hiccups quickly.
  • Vancouver-Based Help Desk - our local technicians are ready to serve you!
  • Dedicated CIO for your company - to help you gain the biggest return on your IT investment yet.
  • Friendly Client Communication - we treat you with the utmost respect, never talk down to you, and even share a laugh with our clients every now and then.

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